Online businesses in India

Online businesses

If you have a desire of becoming an entrepreneur and you are looking for some business options at low investment then you can also opt for setting up an online business. Here is the list of some online businesses which can be started easily:

Online Seller

You can sign up with various e-commerce firms such as flipkart, amazon, etc., and become an online seller and earn by selling products.

Online Consulting Business

If you have a proven track record in any field and you are considered as an expert in that, then you can offer your consulting services to your clients sitting in different countries through online medium and take your fees.

Become an outsourcer 

You can become a medium between the employers and the freelancers who have registered on freelancing sites, take the jobs from employers and outsource it to the suitable candidate and earn your profit in between.

Managing profiles on social media

Some famous people or celebrities don’t have time to manage their social media profiles, you can handle their profiles on their behalf and charge good amount.

Selling photos online 

If photography is your hobby and you know how to take good pictures, you can sell them online at good prices.

Virtual Assistant 

The profile is similar to a personal assistant but the only difference is that you don’t need to be present physically and you can work online.

Online Trading 

With the growing economy, share market is also on an upward trend and many people are turning towards online trading to take benefit of the situation.

There are some other online businesses which we discuss later.

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