Here’s How Students Can Earn Money Through YouTube & Facebook

Earn Money


Making money online is considered to be a very easy task; however in reality, it also needs a disciplined and dedicated approach. The best part about online jobs is that you can do them as per your convenience, sitting at your home and there are some jobs which do not even require educational qualifications, for example, for becoming a content writer, a person should have a good grammar and writing ability and no degree is required.

Here we are going to tell you about certain online jobs which can be taken up by college students too and they can earn good by devoting some hours of the day while using the remaining time for their studies:

1.Content writer


If you are good at writing and have a good control at grammar then you can try your hands at his job and there are many sites where you can get work of content writing.

2.Social media manager


Managing social media accounts of businesses can also be a good option as it won’t take full day and earning is also good.


College students can also make videos and upload them on YouTube and add adsense with their YouTube account which will help them monetize their account.



This is also one of the options for college students. There are various platforms which provide blogging interface and that too, free of cost. You can make your account and start writing on a topic which you love and you are knowledgeable about and adjoin it with adsense.

5.Affiliate Marketing

This is like selling somebody else’s product using your website or Facebook page but for that you need to work on your website or Facebook page and need to have good number of visitors.

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